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A cast of 1000’s

If I’m going to start posting more about my adventures in the various games I guess I should give a quick rundown of my various characters.

Everquest 1:

Bjoern – Level 30ish Dwarven Berserker created to play with the Tuesday night Nostagia group. No last name yet but I’m thinking of something like Ta’Rock.


Soaridor – Level 53 Drakin Mage created to check out the new race and, due to the increased speed of leveling, ended up joining the Friday night Nostalgia group. Currently replaced by Sisca but I may start alternating depending on the needs of the group.


Sisca Mainacier – Level 56 Human Monk, this was my original character in EQ, created back in October of 1999. I recently moved him over from The Tribunal when Nostalgia was working on Vox/Naggy. While I thought the tactic we came up with for Mage pulling Naggy was cool – basically the druid would cast her translocate spell on Soaridor and I’d run in and aggro the lair and get them to just outside then accept the TL to clear agro then gate back to the where I had bound just outside the throne room – I thought having a monk around would be more efficient. Besides, Sisca was still 51 since I’d held him there for the express purpose of pulling Vox. Got him to 56 so far but after the trip to Old Sebilis last week I’m thinking that depending on who’s available and where we go Soaridor’s DPS might be more beneficial at times so I may start platooning them.

Everquest 2:

Sisca Mainacier -  yeah, original I know. Once again my original character, created on launch day. Took some time off when I started leveling Acsis but he’s back to being my main now.


Acsis – Level 55 Dark Elf Fury. Created when Lore and I found it was basically the two of us left active and a Guardian/Monk pair just didn’t cut it. Leveled to the mid-40’s paired with Lore then I got my MacBook Pro and found that, with Bootcamp, EQ2 ran perfectly so I moved him to a second account and he was healer for Sisca and Lore. Currently on hiatus as Lore’s decided she wanted to try 2 boxing and has wanted to try out a Mystic for awhile now. I’ve switched to playing Malken for now but I could switch back and just play him as primarily a nuking Fury.


Malken Gneebiter– Level 31 Gnome Wizard. Also created shortly after release but didn’t see much play time early on because soloing a Wizard was…challenging. Once SoE revamped the outdoor zones to be more solo friendly I got him to 30 and with Lore’s move to two boxing the Mystic I’ve brought him in to add DPS to the group.


Klubya – Created to try out the betrayal quests, back before the revamp, he was put on hold when he found out they wouldn’t let him be a Paladin of Zek. I played him some this weekend while helping level the mystic and remembered how much fun a Paladin can be so he may see some more play time soon, I’m especially thinking of doing the storms quests to get him the plate appearance armor.


Dortmunder – Level 30 Ratonga Brigand. Created after the release of Kunark when Lore decided she wanted to try a Sarnak SK, I didn’t really like the Sarnak that well so I created Dortmunder to group with her.

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