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Ogre Odyssey

Last night we had originally planned to spend a leisurely evening killing some storms but Lore’s new Mystic, Crystalshade, was still in Sundered Splitpaw and she needed one more quest to get the glowing shard that would allow her to teleport back. So I started the storm killing with Klubya while she headed in to try and complete the solo quest in the Arena. Unfortunately, she’s never been a great soloer and hasn’t really gotten a handle on the Mystic yet so she was unable to take down the multiple encounter.

After killing off one last storm Klubya gated back and we decided to tackle the hideout mission again since it was the quickest that we had done. This basically involves going into an instance, slaughtering gnolls – any day you can slaughter gnolls is a good day as for as Klubya is concerned – then using the ever present explosive barrels to blow up their supplies. 30 minutes later we had blown up the last of their supply crates, woot, done lets get out of here…oh wait, it didn’t count for her shard?!?.

So we head back into the main lair and start looking at our options which boil down to doing this really annoying water area that neither of us likes or her figuring out how to solo the arena or attempting the Harclave solo mission – a pretty cool raiders of the lost ark kind of mission but extremely long and you end up fighting multiples so she’s not all gung ho.

Then I spotted a second arena entrance that’s labeled as heroic. This looks to be a group version of the standard arena mission so we decide to give it a whirl. It took us 3 tries to figure it out but we finally got through it and picked up some ok loot:

Sadly, it still didn’t complete her shard so we’ll have to figure something out on Thursday.


Some shots from earlier in the night (just because I want to play with Photoshop Express and Live Writer integration)

The Golden Ogre

Beware the wrath of the golden Ogre.



Who says there are no flying mounts in EQ2


You have to admit, doesn’t look like your typical Paladin.


This, looks like your typical Paladin…well not really but still.

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