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Mission Accomplished!

Despite the title this isn’t a political post.

Since Lore had to work almost every night last week I started out the week doing the D.I.R.T.Y. quests to pick up some more of the furniture available from the vendor. Since I was going to Loping Plains anyway I swung by Kelethin and picked up the writs with both Sisca and Acsis because, with the guild halls, we can use all the status we can get. I also really want to get the harvest chest amenity, which is 5 million status up front.

After doing the first round of writs I realized that Acsis had almost 1.5 million status and Sisca had another 600,000 so with the 2 million we already had in escrow we were getting close. I became very focused on getting to 5 million and spent most of the week doing the D.I.R.T.Y. quests and a round or two of writs every night.

On Friday I realized that I was halfway through 67 and 70 was within reach so I became focused on reaching 70 before the release of The Shadow Odyssey. Either Lore or I have said in the past that we wanted to push to level X but we always managed to get side tracked by something – finishing off some gray quests just to get them out of the book so we could start, grinding up tradeskills so that we could catch up our spells and gear to make easier etc. – but for some reason this time I decided to force myself to stay focused.

On Saturday Lore decided to join me – actually she realized that I was ahead of her and she couldn’t have that, not that she’s competitive or anything – and we spent most of the weekend plowing through the Loping Plains quest lines while going back and picking up the Kelethin writs every once in awhile.

At one point she mentioned that we had never completed the heritage quests in Lavastorm, mainly because she need room in her quest log and she hates to delete quests.

I told her to focus

Sunday afternoon we reached the point where we were all but done with the Loping Planes quest lines and were being sent into Mistmoore Catacombs and Castle Mistmoore itself. Oh, and the one quest that had us zone into an instance to be greeted by 3 mobs that were each level 70 epic x 4 (that’s a 24 person raid for you non-EQ2 players in the audience) and this is the yard trash. The catacombs was mostly green but it was group con and every pull was at least 2 mobs so it was tough, especially if we got an add.

I think it was at this point that Lore suggested maybe taking a break and leveling tradeskills to upgrade combat arts and spells.


We were all 69 by this time, I could almost taste 70, so we decided to head to Kunark and start in on the quest lines there figuring that would put us over the top. We did the sokokar quests, the first 2 or 3 steps of several of the other quest lines and completed a couple of city writs and by the end of the night all 3 had leveled to 70 – Lore even managed to level before Acsis so she’s a little happier.

At some point before we left Loping Plains the guild dinged 31 and when I checked before camping we were already almost 25% through. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m not complaining.

We also managed to get to over 5 million status so tonight when we pay the rent for the guild hall we’ll also be able to buy the harvest locker which is what started this whole thing.

 Mission Accomplished!

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Thanks Tipa!

I had to work part of this weekend too, so a lot of the quests were dictated by what Sisca and Acsis could duo while I auto-followed and hit attack now and then 😮

I did really enjoy doing the sokokar quest — it was fun doing it as an adventurer having done it as a crafter twice already.

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