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Almost 4 1/2 years after launch and I’ve got my first max level character. In fact this is my first max level character in 10 years of playing MMO’s.

Even scarier is that the next day:


Acsis only took me almost 3 years to cap.

Shortly after that Lore also managed to ding 80, I’m not sure what her played time is but I did manage to snag a screen shot of her ding


I also managed to get Sisca to 80 in Alchemy over the weekend so now I just need to get Acsis 10 more levels of Tailoring and I’ll go from 10 years of no characters at any level cap to 2 characters with both tradeskills and adventuring levels capped.

We also started doing the daily quest for Void Shards and managed to get the first 2 pieces and by the end of the week we’ll have the third. I think our next goal is to get Lore’s mage caught up and I wouldn’t mind getting my ranger leveled so we have a scout class to give us some versatility. I’d also like to spend some time mentoring guildies to see if we can put together a group and maybe start in on some of the TSO instances. I also want to get the crafting epic done with Sisca and Acsis is about halfway through the harvesting cloak so he’d like to finish that off as well.

So still plenty left to do and I haven’t even started in on my other 12 alts 🙂

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I actually beat Acsis to 80, albeit not by more than a few minutes! Lore was born Feb 20, 2006 and had a played time of 35d 8h. I do beat you on the whole tradeskillers to 80 bit, with three of them there, but of course Loredena is not one of them, so I don’t have an 80/80 yet.

I totally know what you mean about taking a while. My main still is not 80. He’s just short of it right now but I haven’t really had the time to get him there. Been playing him since the night of launch too….

@Steve – towards the end it seemed rather a grind I admit. Lore was actually a reroll a year when we resumed playing in 2006 — my original avatar, a conjurer rolled on the night of launch, is currently 67 and I’m having trouble pushing myself through Kunark with her. I always find it funny how people just assume that everyone has *at least* one level 80 if they’ve played for more than, say, 6 months when I know so many people about whom that is so not true!

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