Meet Lenya

Lenya is a Breton born in High Rock but whose parents moved to Markarth when she was an infant in hopes of taking advantage of better trading opportunites. Sadly, when Lenya was about 5 years old her parents were slain by a Thalmor patrol for the horrible crime of “not getting out of the way fast enough”. This left her an orphan with a burning hatred of all things Aldmeri.

She spent much of her time growing up in and out of orphanages that were little more than slave labor camps. She also managed several escapes and spent quite a bit of time on the streets of both Markarth and Solitude. From this background she learned that if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself and not let anyone or anything stand in your way.

As she matured she realized that she had some innate magical aptitude, especially when it came to the ability to influence others. She was often able to calm down a bully that was threatening her or her friends with just a word. Conversely, she often took delight in standing around the corner of the orphanage yard and inciting the boys to bloody fights. During her early teens she got into the habit of always having a dagger on her and became quite proficient with it.

When she was about 15 she had been sent back to High Rock to work in a small manor house. While there one of the lords sons decided that the maid should do more than just clean the hall and attacked her. While trying to fight him off he managed to leave a large scratch under her left eye with his ring. Angered she quickly focused her ability and sent a calming spell to the young man causing him to push her away saying she wasn’t worth the trouble.

That night she silently stole into his room, plucked the offending ring from his sleeping finger and stabbed him in his sleep. She had already stashed her belongings, as well as a few trinkets that she considered her final pay, so she quickly grabbed up her belongings and headed for Markarth and Skyrim.

While working as a cleaning girl in the Silver Blood inn in Markarth she heard tales of the thieves guild in Riften. It sounded like the perfect place for her to hide out and to hone her skills so she was soon on her way to Riften.

Skills & Stats

Major Skills:

1 Handed – 35

Light Armor – 35

Illusion – 30

Minor Skills:

Sneak – 25

Alteration – 25

Pickpocket – 25

Stat Distribution:

Magicka – 70

Health – 20

Stamina – 10

Bonuses: Gain an extra perk every 3 levels (using Perk Book mod) this point must be used for a non primary (Major/Minor) skill. Early on will probably be using this for Speech.

3E Birthsign: (from Classic Classes mod)

Tower: Reflect 10% of damage back to attacker.

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