GnomeDepot.Net is the web home of Sisca and Loredena Mainacier.   The domain was originally acquired because we needed a home for our EverQuest guild and the guild name, in all its forms, was taken. GnomeDepot was available and I liked the sound of it.

I’m currently in the process of rebuilding those guild sites and looking at creating a small network of gaming related sites on the GnomeDepot network.

For background: Sisca Mainacier was my original EQ Monk, while Loredena Frisealach was my wife’s EQ Warrior. We met and wed in game, and our avatar names have lived on in other games. We’re currently primarily playing EQ2 on Permafrost, again as Sisca and Loredena.

The Revellers were our second, and last, guild in Everquest When we moved to EQ2 we reformed the guild there. It’s a tiny but close-knit guild (though we’re always looking for more members!)

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