Meet Lenya

Lenya is a Breton born in High Rock but whose parents moved to Markarth when she was an infant in hopes of taking advantage of better trading opportunites. Sadly, when Lenya was about 5 years old her parents were slain by a Thalmor patrol for the horrible crime of “not getting out of the way fast enough”. This left her an orphan with a burning hatred of all things Aldmeri.

She spent much of her time growing up in and out of orphanages that were little more than slave labor camps. She also managed several escapes and spent quite a bit of time on the streets of both Markarth and Solitude. From this background she learned that if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself and not let anyone or anything stand in your way.


Lets Play Skyrim

Over the last year or so I’ve gotten away from MMO gaming and have spent most of my time in single player games, mainly Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE. When getting back into these games, and especially in the modding these games I turned to the gamers favorite resource – YouTube. Some of the more fascinating sites I ran across were people doing lets play videos.

This led me to Twitch and people streaming their play experience but I quickly tired of that since it seemed to be mostly about the players, and the people in chat, instead of about the game itself. Back on YouTube though there were several really good creators doing interesting lets play videos that were mostly in character (links down below). Many of these were almost like an episodic TV series and I kept coming back because I wanted to see what happened to the character next.

I also ran across several really good audio lets play’s that were like listening to a radio drama from the early days of radio (or the BBC even today for those lucky enough to get it).