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As you can tell the site is in the process of being rebuilt.

I changed hosting companies and I think I’m going to like this one (DreamHost) much better. They’ve got simple installs – that actually work – of some of the major packages but they also provide you much more control over your site including SSH access so that you can actually get to the inner workings of your site if you want. This is especially true with the email system where I can actually go in and configure the spam filter stuff and not just have an On/Off setting.

On Death and Penalties

Over at MMORPG.Com there is an editorial debate on Death Penalties. While I’m a strong believer in the theory that challenging MMO’s will have a longer lifespan than those with little or no challenge and that death in an MMO should be something that the player is encouraged to avoid I don’t agree that this requires the harsh death penalties advocated by Frank Mignone in this article.

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Shifting paradigms in future MMO’s

In his most recent post my friend Pentane raised some interesting points about the state of roleplaying, or the lack of it, in the current crop of MMO’s. As someone that hopes to one day work in the MMO genre there is a lot of food for thought in there but the main point I want to address today is one that he kind of glossed over, the conservative player syndrome.

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Women, Marketing and Magazines

a speech by Suzanne Freyjadis-Chuberka, the Conference Director, at the Women’s Game Conference being held in Austin this week. In it she claims that there are plenty of games out there that women would find enjoyable if they would just sit down and play them. According to her, the issue isn’t the games and their content but in how they’re marketed and how the gaming press presents them.

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